A number of television stations, including Jiyan TV, Zarok TV, Hayatın Sesi TV, TV 10 and Van TV, were forcibly taken off the air on the evening of 28 September by satellite provider Türksat, which cited an order from the Prime Ministry’s Office.

The fact that the closed stations broadcast in Kurdish or provide an alternative to the dominant media speaks volumes about the reason for the censorship. The state, which is mobilizing every resource at its disposal thanks to the state of emergency to silence the media and the voices of every oppositional person and institution, must cease its present course of action. From now on, however, every step designed to choke and punish the opposition is destined to fail thanks to the networks of solidarity that have been formed, while any attempt to impose censorship in this era of communication will do nothing but showcase the impotence of the powers-that-be.

We will stand shoulder to shoulder with all of the closed TV stations. As DİSK Basın-İş, we call on all our members, as well as our comrades, both unionized and non-unionized, to switch to and help grow the alternative media networks that have been closed, particularly Hayatın Sesi TV. As for the government, we recommend that it cease its policies of pressure and coercion and return from such a path that is devoid of logic.