Prş, Şub

This soil has been witness to numerous tragic incidents resulting in the deaths of hundreds in recent years. Now, distressing allegations are emerging from Nisêbîn (Nusaybin). We can only learn about what is occurring in Nusaybin with the help of journalists.

Notice, however, that we are not calling for Nusaybin to be opened to journalists – that’s because there are almost no channels left to record the truth and share it with society. The pens and the cameras of the government can enter Nusaybin, and they will no doubt inform us about how residents there could not be happier with their state of affairs.

We know that this is not the truth, but we are deeply worried about the truth that will soon emerge. The reports of torture and extrajudicial execution are serious, and we are worried that a new black stain is about to go down in history.

We call on everyone, regardless of their political worldview, to defend the right to know the truth.

Defend press freedom, for Nusaybin and for Turkey.

Don’t bury your head in the sand and believe official statements. Together, let’s defend our right to know the truth.