Cu, Ağu

We, as women press workers, salute the hundreds of thousands of women that will be hitting the streets today in Turkey and around the world to march against male violence, inequality and all manners of discrimination. On 8 March International Women’s Day, we note once more our desire to see a world in which women are not murdered; in which women are not subjected to discrimination on the street, at home and at work – in short, everywhere; in which men do not speak on behalf of women; in which only we make decisions about our lives and bodies; in which peace, and not war, reigns; and in which the one who is right is always victorious.

We will continue to fight for a life in which imprisoned women journalists will be released, in which newspapers and TV stations will not be closed with the “extraordinary powers” endowed to the present government, in which women journalists and press workers are not left unemployed and in which there is no discrimination in the workplace.

We stand as one with all women – especially with those in more than 30 countries who have exercised their power over production to declare an International Day of Strike to oppose violence against women and the policies of “one-man regimes” that ignore women; with public workers who are resisting after losing their jobs through state of emergency decrees and with the women metal workers who lost their lives in a tragic bus accident in Bursa on 7 March.

Long Live 8 March, Long Live Women’s Solidarity