Sal, Ağu

The 6 May gun attack against Cumhuriyet Editor-in-Chief Can Dündar, who, along with colleague Erdem Gül is on trial for lifting the lid on how the Turkish government sent weapons to Syria, lays bare how close those who are devoid of respect for the law – or just plain respect – have brought Turkey to the precipice.

The oppression against journalists in Turkey grows with each passing day. On the morning of 30 April, imc TV News Editor Hamza Aktan was detained in Istanbul before being brought to the Anti-Terror branch.

Turkey’s president has become incensed at the temerity of organizations who deign to compile reports on rights violations. He’s incensed because we’re publicizing the rights violations and thefts of labor that he is attempting to make routine. He’s incensed because we’re shining a spotlight on the current state of fascism in the country.

In our country, press and publication organizations require no permission to begin operations apart from providing notification. Likewise, conducting journalism requires absolutely no permission from the state.

As 8 March approaches, women in Turkey are again expressing their rage at violence and oppression and again demanding equality, freedom and peace. As DİSK Basın-İş, we salute these actions that will result in the liberation of women – and men.

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