Çrş, Tem

Turkey has again become the target of those who commit massacres, with a bomb in Istanbul’s touristic Sultanahmet area killing 10 people and wounding many more.


Gangs with dark motives that attempt to draw strength from intimidating people have shed blood once more, just as they did in Suruç and Ankara. As DİSK Basın-İş, we share the pain of the families that have lost loved ones, and wish a speedy recovery to those that have been injured.

The perpetrators of this massacre have not yet been identified. However, the people that are responsible for this massacre are those who made little attempt to stop previous massacres, who said “suicide bombers cannot be detained until they detonate themselves” and who apprehended previous perpetrators only to fail to prosecute them.

As DİSK Basın-İş, we are warning authorities once more: Imposing a press blackout on the Sultanahmet massacre will not prevent a future massacre. We demand the immediate apprehension and prosecution of those responsible.