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The chief web editor of Cumhuriyet newspaper, DİSK Basın-İş member Oğuz Güven, was detained by police in a house raid this morning. Naturally, we weren’t surprised, as we have all born witness to what has happened to Cumhuriyet in recent months.


The recent campaign regarding a headline on the daily’s internet site – a factor that appears to have led to Güven’s detention – is nothing but an operation to bring the newspaper into disrepute. The ones leading the campaign are running about, searching for a new sacrifice to present before the lords who rule over us. When they’re unable to find anyone, they busy themselves by trying to push each other toward the altar. We have nothing to say to them, since they’re unlikely to understand regardless. 

But we do have something to say to those that still think they’re doing journalism. Since when did we start demanding that administrators fire journalists? And how, in particular, will those who often hold forth on journalism and ethics look their colleagues in the face after such behavior? But if they’ve decided to let bygones be bygones, then they can travel down that road together.

As for those inciting all of this and those who are taking a stab at playing the judge, jury and executioner, lay down your pen, don your uniform and do your real job: Don’t besmirch this profession by masquerading as a journalist.

We demand that our friend and colleague, Oğuz Güven, be released immediately and that all arbitrary raids and pressure be ended at once.

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